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About Us

Since 1905, Uber Company has been the community source for HVAC work for home and business owners throughout the area. Learn more about The Uber Company in Scottdale, PA, to see why our experienced and knowledgeable staff is a top provider of service for every customer.

Our Early Beginnings

When our company was first launched, the HVAC industry was very different. We started as a custom builder of brick-lined coal furnaces.

Coal has always been a big part of the company, as we are based in the hometown of noted coal miner HC Frick. However, as times changed, we began to educate ourselves on the latest technologies. Coal began to go out of style and rotation, and it became necessary to make a change to continue to serve our customers.

Today, we are committed to providing the best HVAC options for every member of the community. We are proud to be a supporter of local organizations, and we work with a local foundry and other businesses for our services.

Contact us in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, to work with us for your HVAC needs. Our experienced professionals offer services throughout the area.